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 April: The Apostasy and the Restoration
Members: Click on a lesson below to access the lesson packet in English and Spanish


Why was a restoration necessary? Young Women Lesson packet  Why do we need the Book of Mormon? LDS Young Women April Lesson Packet  How was the Priesthood restored? Young Women Lesson Helps

"Why was Joseph Smith's Role in the Restoration?" April Young Women Lesson Packet LDS Young Women April: "Why is the First Vision important?" Lesson helps on


May: Prophets and Revelation

(We are quickly getting all of May's lessons prepared! They will all be posted by this Friday.)


Why is it important to listen to and follow the living prophets? Young Women Lesson Helps  LDS Young Women May Lesson Helps: "How can I receive personal revelation?"  LDS Young Women Lesson Helps: "How can I make my prayers more meaningful?" May: Prophets and Revelation  LDS Young Women Lesson Helps for May: "Why is it important to study the scriptures?" on  LDS Young Women Lesson Helps May: "How can I strengthen my testimony?" on includes handouts, bookmarks, activity ideas, worksheets, teaching tips, and more!  LDS Young Women Lesson Helps for May: "How can a patriarchal blessing help me?" Lesson Packet includes handouts, posters, Trivia Game, activity ideas and more!