October 2020 Free Ministering Principles Poster and Handout

author/source: Megan Hanson

Our Ministering posters include key points or quotes from the Ensign magazine's articles on "Ministering Principles." Please make note that the Ensign was written before Covid-19 and social distances, so not every idea can be used right now.

These posters include 3 sizes in PDF and JPG formats:

8.5"x11", 5"x7", and 4"x6"

(PDFs are great for printing on your home printer. JPGs are good for posting to social media, adding to a newsletter, or embedding into an email. Please choose the version that will work best for your purpose.)


Some ideas to use these for this time of social distancing:

  • Download a JPG version and text them to each of the Sisters in your Ward
  • Add a copy to your Relief Society newsletter that is emailed
  • Download one of the JPG versions and post it on social media. If you have a Ward or Relief Society Facebook group, this would be a great way to remind your Sisters to do their Ministering and hopefully start a discussion on how they can best do their Ministering during this time.



October 2020 Ministering Principle Poster and Handout www.LovePrayTeach.com


Download 8.5x11 PDF

Download 8.5x11 JPG

Download 5x7 PDF

Download 5x7 JPG

Download 4x6 PDF

Download 4x6 JPG



Please do not share our files with others. You have permission to print as many copies as you need for personal and/or church use.