2019 Mutual Theme BINDER INSERTS Printable Packet for Latter-day Saint Young Women

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Included in this packet:

  • Binder Covers and spine inserts for the Young Women Presidency, Laurels Presidency, Mia Maids Presidency, and Beehives Presidency. There is a also a binder cover with just the theme.
  • 12 Month Calendar that includes the monthly theme and lessons
  • 2019 Teaching Schedule Page that has the dates of when the Young Women will meet on Sundays and place to write down who is teaching
  • 2019 Weekly Reading Schedule this page has the New Testament reading schedule that follows what they need to be reading at home and for Sunday School. We have been asked to remind our classes each week what they need to read for the following week!
  • "Counsel Together and Share Experiences" Page This page contains the section in each of the Young Women lessons.
  • Monthly Themes and Lessons Page a quick glance page of all of the monthly themes and the lesson titles for each month
  • Blank Notes Page


NOTE: The Binder Inserts have been updated to reflect the new teaching schedule. The month names have been removed next to the themes and the monthly lessons have been removed from the calendar pages. If you have already purchased this, use the same link that is on your original file - the link has been updated!)





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