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Love Pray Teach offers unique and engaging lesson helps for parents and teachers in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!


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What are our customers saying?


“I think what you do is wonderful and so helpful. I am thankful every time I go to prepare a lesson or activity for all the work that has been put into each lesson and how it follows the inspired church program so perfectly.  What a truly helpful and meaningful product you are providing!”



“Your ideas and printed lesson materials add life, spark, interest, color and joy to our lessons. I use the materials twice each month as I teach my virtual class. I also mail content to my girls for their study and preparation for our lessons. Thank you so, so much for this most excellent, gospel-based resource.”


"I love your stuff! Thank you for all the hard work. It really helps my family study the scriptures with minimal prep time and great activities that keep them engaged."



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Love Pray Teach Membership Levels



$7/monthly or $77/annually

The Family option provides easy, engaging, done-for-you Come, Follow Me lesson plans for busy Latter-day Saint families! Our packets require little to no prep work and any member of the family can pick it up and lead an activity or devotional!


The Family Plan includes:

  • Weekly Come, Follow Me lesson packets for families of all ages (includes object lessons, activity pages, gospel games, and more!)
  • 2 Home Centered Singing Time packets so you can teach the Primary songs at home
  • 5 extra Come, Follow Me coloring pages each month
  • Yearly Come, Follow Me Theme bundle to decorate your home bulletin board and binders

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$8/monthly or $88/annually

The Love Pray Teach Calling Membership provides beautifully designed, done-for-you, engaging lesson ideas to help you confidently fulfill your calling. Every activity includes ideas on how to teach remotely!


The Calling Plan includes:

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  • PRIMARY: Weekly Come, Follow Me lesson packets for Older and Younger Children; Singing Time Teaching packets for the monthly songs, plus an archive list of past songs; Yearly Theme packet to decorate Primary room, binders, and more!
  • RELIEF SOCIETY: General Conference teaching packets; monthly newsletter templates; editable blank templates to create your own handouts and teaching materials
  • YOUNG WOMEN: Come, Follow Me teaching packets; monthly newsletter templates; yearly Youth Theme bundles
  • YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL: Come, Follow Me teaching packets 



$12/monthly or $132/annually

The Love Pray Teach Family + Calling Membership provides beautifully designed, done-for-you, lesson plans to assist you in your calling and to help you teach home-centered curriculum.


The Family + Calling Bundle includes everything in our FAMILY PLAN and our CALLING PLAN!



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Love Pray Teach Philosophy:

Each of us have been called as a teacher in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This ranges from being a Minister, Mother, Father, Sunday School Teacher, Primary Teacher, Young Women leader, a Relief Society Teacher, and everything in between! Being a teacher is a sacred calling and we believe it falls under these three things:



We start by loving those we teach. It's a much harder calling to teach someone that you don't feel love towards. Using the Savior's example, He taught with incredible love. Everything He said and did was because He loves each of us. His love and patience with His disciples is evident throughout the New Testament and Book of Mormon. We too can love those we teach as the Savior did!


Next, we need to pray. We pray for those individuals that we teach. Pray for them by name. You will feel that love for them as you pray for each of them. We also need to pray for inspiration for our lessons. Begin each of your study times with prayer and end it with prayer. Look to Heavenly Father for guidance as you prepare your lessons. He wants to help you!



And now it's time to teach! Once you've studied the lesson and scriptures, now is the time to come to Love Pray Teach for that extra help that you might need. If you like to give a handout as a simple reminder of your lesson, we have them all ready for you! If you like to include an object lesson or an attention-getting activity to help solidify your topic, you can find those in each of our lesson packets! If you just need a worksheet to help your class stay organized and a place to write down their thoughts, we have those too! We want to help you be successful as a teacher in helping you give a memorable lesson!