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2018 Relief Society Newsletters and Lesson Schedule Calendars on    Blank Relief Society Lesson Kits

Relief Society General Conference lesson outline, and suggested teaching ideas! 

2018 Relief Society Printables and helps on    2018 "Ministering" Handouts and Posters on

NEW: Relief Society Binder and Bulletin Board Packet!


Relief Society binder and bulletin board packet



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With the changes to the 2019 curriculum, our Relief Society Membership has changed a bit too. The NEW Relief Society Membership will include the following each month:

  • An Editable Monthly Newsletter that you can print or email!
  • Editable Sunday Lesson Calendars - includes month at a glance and individual Sundays -  that are the perfect size to send in an email, text or post to social media at the beginning of each month or week so they will know what scriptures and/or Conference talks to study and be ready to discuss!
  • Relief Society Printables Page! These will range from Ministering ideas, thank-you cards, printable quotes to hang in your home or give as gifts, thinking of you cards and gift ideas, and more! This will be a fun surprise and will accumulate over time, so you will have access to all of the previous printables!
  • As always - our Ministering printable will be free each month! For 2019, this will be a poster that contains something from that month's Ensign article on Ministering. These are perfect to hang upon your Relief Society bulletin boards or add to your newsletter each month!
  • NEW! Editable Blank Templates - you can use these to create your own handouts, posters, quote cards, journal pages, etc. We are making these with Relief Society teachers in mind, but can be used by anyone! Includes editing instructions.
  • NEW!  Teaching ideas and tips for General Conference talks!



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Relief Society Binder and Bulletin Board packet

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Download December 2019 Newsletter Packet

December 2019 Newsletter Packet for Relief Society and Young Women