2018 Primary Theme Printable Packet: "I Am a Child of God"

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2018 Primary Theme packet for non-subscribers



Included in this packet:



2018 Primary Theme


Bulletin Board Printables:

  • 3 Poster designs in 7 different sizes!
  • 2 Banner Designs (punch a whole in the top two corners and thread the string through - super easy!)
  • 8"x'8" images to help you decorate your Primary room!
  • 2 Designs for Headers that include "Theme" "Birthdays" and "Scripture". There are also blank headers provided if you'd like to add your own!
  • 15 Matching Digital Scrapbook papers to help you decorate your room and use throughout the year!



2018 Primary Theme


Binder Covers/Spine Insert Printables:

  • Classroom Binder Covers and  Spine Inserts, including Nursery!
  • Presidency Binder Covers and Spine Inserts
  • Chorister and Pianist Binder Covers and Spine Inserts
  • Back Binder Cover that includes the Monthly Themes, scriptures, and 2018 Calendar for quick reference!



2018 Primary Theme


Door Signs:

  • Door signs for Nursery, Sunbeams, CTR 4-7, and Valiants 8-11
  • 1 Door sign that fits 2 classes on one page! Comes in an editable version that you can use Adobe Reader to add the Room #, Class Names, Children's names, and Teachers!



2018 Primary Theme



  • Sharing Time Assignment Cards
  • Sharing Time Assignment Wristbands for the little ones so they don't lose their assignment before it reaches Mom and Dad!
  • Birthday Cards - There are 2 version - Boy and Girl. There are 4 to a page and the children are all different ethnicities
  • Birthday Circles - These are really cute attached to a treat or baggie of treats/gifts! 
  • Chapstick Covers - a fun little gift that's inexpensive and easy to make!
  • Bookmarks - 2 versions include one with a picture of Jesus with the little children and another with a blank oval for the children to draw a picture of themselves! Both versions include full color and black and white.
  • Editable Primary Program Invitations - you can add your Ward's information using Adobe Reader to these cute invites! There is a full color version included that is 4x6 for easy printing, or a black and white version to have the children color themselves! The Black and White version is 2 on a 8.5x11 page for easy photocopying
  • Primary Program Ward Bulletin Cover - Includes a full color version and a black and white version



You can find our Monthly Posters by clicking here and our Articles of Faith Posters by clicking here




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