Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families--New Testament 2019: April 15

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Our 7 day lesson plan follows right along with the Manual: Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families--New Testament 2019: April 15–21 Easter “O Grave, Where Is Thy Victory?”


We have designed these packets to be used for families of ALL ages! There are activities and coloring pages for the little ones, and there are worksheets, activities, and discussion questions for older children and teens!





  • Day 1: is a longer lesson and will take 30-60 minutes depending on how much your family likes to discuss! This will be similar to a traditional Family Home Evening. Begin with a prayer and choose a song if your family likes to sing. Sunday would be a great day to choose as Day 1, but pick which day works best for your family.  The lesson this day is learning about "the Living Christ" and an activity to help us learn what Jesus has done for us.
  • Days 2-7: Includes an "EASTER" banner to place 6 days of activities to help your family prepare for Easter! We will be learning more in depth later in the year about the days leading up to the Crucifixion and Resurrection, so these activities will help your family spiritually prepare for Easter with simple ideas and printables.
  • BONUS! Easter Invitation: Use the invitation to invite your friends and neighbors to your Easter Sacrament Meeting or to a special Easter Family Home Evening!
  • QR Codes: This week's lesson contains several QR codes:  
    • To use the QR Codes: You will scan the QR codes using your phone or iPad. The best way to figure out if your device can read QR Codes is to open your Camera app and point it steady for 2-3 seconds towards the QR Code you want to scan. Whenever scanning is enabled, a notification will appear. If nothing happens, you may have to go to your Settings app and enable QR Code scanning. If QR Codes isn’t an option in your settings, your device unfortunately can’t scan QR Codes natively. But don’t worry, this only means you’ll have to download a third-party QR Code reader app. If your camera isn't working on the QR code, just go to your APP store and download a QR Scanner app. Then follow the instructions within the app.
    • If you're not printing the main page, the QR codes are also clickable links! Open the PDF in your computer, click on any of the QR codes, and they will take you to the website.


Most printables include black and white versions! 

8.5"x11" pages for easy at-home printing!

This week's printables includes:

  • 7 Day Lesson Plan to help your family prepare for Easter
  • The First Easter Morning Character Cut-Outs
  • Puzzle pieces for attention activity
  • "The Living Christ" in 2 sizes
  • "What has He done for us" poster and 9 eggs for activity
  • Blank decorative pages to write/type in your favorite scripture/quote about Jesus and hang in your window as mentioned in the manual
  • EASTER cards and inserts for daily activities to hang as a banner
  • Black and white hearts to use for activity
  • S-A-C-R-A-M-E-N-T worksheet
  • Coloring Page
  • 4 page Atonement booklet for teens/adults
  • QR codes that will lead you to several activities and additional ideas!


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