Lesson 11: The Restored Church of Jesus Christ Is Organized


To strengthen each child’s testimony that through revelation the true church was restored to the earth.

Prayerfully study the historical account given in this lesson and Doctrine and Covenants 20:1–4, 37, 71–79 and 21:1–5


8.5" x 11" Poster:

Display this poster at the beginning of the lesson.  It is the perfect way to introduce the lesson topic and a great reminder through out the lesson of what they are learning.




After the Attention Activity hand out the worksheet.  Have your class answer the questions to see how much they already know.  Then at the end of the lesson have them do the second half of the worksheet to see if they learned the answers to the questions they didn't know.  For younger classes you can do the worksheet together.


Scripture Activity:

Place the 4 mini posters on the board. Have your class take turns drawing a scripture card and looking up the scripture.  After they read the scripture have them place it by the right mini poster. This activity will help  the children understand that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is organized the same way that Jesus Christ’s church was organized when he was on the earth. I used cards that look like legos to help the kids visualize how they fit together and build on each other.

20170321_9   20170321_9



Boardstrips and Answer Cards:

You will use these with Enrichment Activity #4.  Place the 4 board strips on the board.  Help the children understand that to have a testimony of Jesus Christ and his restored church, they must believe these 4 things.  Give them each an answer card and ask them to write down one way they can gain a testimony that these things are true. You can have them take turns sharing their answer and placing it on the board.

20170321_9                         20170321_9

4x4 Handout:

These handouts can be given at the very end of the lesson or right after the previous Enrichment Activity.  They reinforce the what the kids need to have a full testimony of. This would be a great place in the lesson to ask your kids to share their testimony or share your own.



Coloring Page:

This coloring page is the 6th Article of Faith and can be used with Enrichment Activity #6.