2022-old-testament-interactive-journals-children We're going on our fourth year of Come, Follow Me and each year we learn more and more about what families need. One of the things we have seen within our own families is a need for our older elementary age children to be able to study on their own or one and one with Mom or Dad. But they're not quite ready to just be handed the scriptures and told to go read them on their own! Our team member, Emily Clark, runs a blog and design shop (heyfriend shop) where she used to offer these amazing interactive journals! After I hired her to work for us, she wasn't able to keep up doing both and had to sadly stop offering her journals. It was a tough decision for her because they were much loved by a lot of families. Now that she's been with us for a couple years, she is ready to start creating them again! And they will be exclusively offered on Love Pray Teach with the Family Subscription Plan! We are so lucky she has agreed to do this and know your families, as well as ours, will be blessed by her journals.



How they work:


First, you will want to have one notebook for each child. A composition size notebook works great!

Next, make a cover page for each child. You can add their names using Adobe Reader or let your children write their own names. Print on sticker paper or glue them onto the covers of the notebooks. Let your children have fun decorating their journals!


Click Here to Download the Journal Covers




Each month, come back here and download the journal pages for that month. There will be one page for each week. Print them all at once so you don't have to think about it each week! Give them to your child(ren) and help them cut and glue them into their journals. They can work on them while you're doing your own studying, or you can help them throughout the week!


Click Here to Download Journal Pages







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