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What is a Family Come, Follow Me bulletin board?

When Come, Follow Me for Families was introduced in 2018, we knew that we wanted to help families stay organized and not get behind. So we came up with the idea of having a bulletin board dedicated to Come, Follow Me! We were so happy to see the excitement from so many as they created their own CFM boards in their homes. The past four years, many of you have tagged us in your photos or sent us photos of your boards. We have been thrilled! In our own families, our boards have helped us stay motivated week after week. I personally like to change out the images and posters. This helps my children look at the board when there is something new on it. There is no right way to create your own board, so we've tried to include a variety of options for you to choose from! 

All of the illustrations are by Sammie Francis and designs by the Love Pray Teach team.



What's Included?

Timeline of Jesus's Life Posters:

We have included 15 sets of posters that depict the life of Christ from birth to ascension. Each set includes a large image on one page and a scripture and small image on another. Print them all at the beginning of the year and change them out each month! We've also included a set that is card size so you can play Memory with your little ones!

Timeline posters of the life of Christ for your Family Bulletin Board in 2023! www.LovePrayTeach.com




Decorative Cut-Outs:

Help your children know how they can follow Jesus Christ! These printables will add that special touch to your family bulletin board. Use them all or change them out throughout the year to keep your children interested! 


2023 Come, Follow Me New Testament Bulletin Board for your home! www.LovePrayTeach.com


Also includes 1" images to make your own magnets! 

1 inch New Testament images to make your own magnets or stickers! www.LovePrayTeach.com



We've included a banner that contains the entire alphabet! Choose what you'd like your banner to say this year! Includes small sized banner images and individual PNG images of each pennant.

2023 Come, Follow Me New Testament Banner for your home bulletin board www.LovePrayTeach.com


Scripture Posters:

We've included 6 scripture posters that contain the same info as the above cut-outs if you like to keep it simple and don't want to cut everything out! Change them out throughout the year. We've also included one poster that says "Come, Follow Me." The smaller sizes are perfect to give to your children to add to their own bulletin boards or to put inside their scriptures. Help your children connect with Jesus Christ this year and learn how they can follow Him!


2023 Come, Follow Me New Testament Scripture Posters for your family bulletin board! www.LovePrayTeach.com



Strive to Be:

Use the "My Goals" worksheet to help your family set and keep their goals this year! Includes color and black & white.

Strive to Be goal worksheet for families! www.LovePrayTeach.com



Free Scripture Reading Charts! 

Click the image below to download our free New Testament reading charts and bookmarks! (These are also included in the above download link for your convenience)


Free 2023 New Testament Scripture Reading Chart for Come, Follow Me! www.LovePrayTeach.com