#LightTheWorld 2017 - Primary Sharing Time and Family Home Evening Lesson

author/source: Megan Hanson

#LightTheWorld 2017

Primary Sharing Time

or Family Home Evening Lesson



2017 #LightTheWorld Primary Sharing Time and Family Home Evening Lesson


This Sharing Time would also make a wonderful Family Home Evening Lesson!


2017 #LightTheWorld Primary Sharing Time and Family Home Evening LessonTo go along with each day of the service calendar, we have created a symbol. Having a simple image for the children to see will help them remember the activity for each day. The symbols are used throughout the month.

During the month of December, your Primary will be decorating a Christmas Tree with each of these daily symbols as they fulfill the daily activities. Even if a child only does one or two or three of the days, they will get to participate also! 

Along with the daily activities, Madison has created an adorable #LightTheWorld coloring book journal. Give one to each child the first of December. Encourage them to draw a picture of the service they gave for each day! The kiddos will be so proud to show you their journal's at the end of the month!



To download the full instructions, click on the image:


2017 #LightTheWorld Primary Sharing Time and Family Home Evening Lesson


To make the coloring book, click on the picture below to download to your computer. Print one for each child (It has 7 sheets, with 4 coloring pages per sheet). Cut each sheet into fourths by cutting on the little black lines. You could use staples, a brad, or a key ring to connect the pages together.



2017 #LightTheWorld Primary Sharing Time and Family Home Evening Lesson




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To learn more about the #LightTheWorld campaign, please visit mormon.org/christmas 



I've had some requests for a larger tree for some of those huge Primaries we have! Here is a 36x48 tree that you can still print at Staples as one of their Engineering Prints:




UPDATE: I sent a tree in to Staples to be printed and I received a phone call from them. Apparently, they will no longer print the cheap engineer prints with a lot of solid color! They will still do it but the price was 3-4 times more. So I made the tree an outline if you'd still like to print the engineer prints for cheap!


Click here to download the 24x36 outlined tree

Click here to download the 36x48 outlined tree




Please do not share our files with others. You have permission to print as many copies as you need for personal and/or church use.