Primary 5

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 Primary 6 Lesson 1: Heavenly Father’s Plan for Us Primary 5 Lesson 46: Strengthening Our Testimonies of the Restored Gospel Primary 5 Lesson 45: Lorenzo Snow Receives a Revelation on Tithing Primary 5 Lesson 44: The Salt Lake Temple Is Constructed and Dedicated

Primary 5 Lesson 43: Handcart Companies Come to the Salt Lake Valley Primary 5 Lesson 42: The Pioneers Show Their Faith in Jesus Christ  Primary 5 Lesson 41: The Saints Settle the Salt Lake Valley Primary 5 Lesson 40: The First Pioneer Company Crosses the Plains Primary 5 Lesson 39: The Saints Build Winter Quarters

  Primary 5 Lesson 38: Brigham Young Leads the Church Primary 5 Lesson 37: Joseph and Hyrum Smith Are Martyred Primary 5 Lesson 36: Joseph Smith Writes the Articles of Faith

primary 5 Lesson 35: The Nauvoo Temple Is Used for Sacred Ordinances Primary 5 Lesson 34: Joseph Smith Teaches about Baptism for the Dead



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