author/source: Madi Shucart
Come, Follow Me for Primary
January Week 1 December 30-January 5
Intro Pages of the Book of Mormon
"Another Testament of Jesus Christ"

Come, Follow Me for Primary December Week 5 December 23-29 Revelation 12-22 "He That Overcometh Shall Inherit All Things" Younger Children www.LovePrayTeach.com

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We had a request to add the weekly coloring pages as a full size! We love this suggestion! Click here to download the January coloring pages.
These make great take home pages for the children to work on with their families during the week to help prepare them for the next lesson!

PDF Download includes the full lesson, including a lesson outline with suggestions and ideas.  Read over the lesson outline and then print all or some of the activities that you feel will benefit the needs of your class the most. All of the images are included in the PDF for you to print. You can select what you want to print by using your printer settings, and adding the page numbers you want printed. When your printer window opens, mark "Pages" instead of "All," then in the box next to "Pages" type the page numbers of the lesson helps you want to print. You can also download the PDF to your computer to use later.  Once it is downloaded to your computer it is accessible without internet. 

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