One of the questions we receive often is if we can please add study guides for adults. After months of working on this collaboration, we are so excited to finally get these in your hands! To help you study and dive a little deeper into your scripture study this year, we have partnered with Cali Black from Come, Follow Me Study to bring you her amazing "Big Picture/Little Picture" Study Guides! These packets are now included with your Family Subscription Plan. Each month, we will post the entire month of packets. Download and use them throughout the month. You can print them or pull them up on your phone or iPad for easy reference.

From Cali:

If you are looking for simple bullet point summaries and explanations that will quickly get you the info you need to be a total pro as we work through Come, Follow Me this year, this is the guide for you!

Here’s what to expect for every single week of the Old Testament Study Guide:

First, I always create a study guide that gives you new knowledge. That’s the “BIG PICTURE” portion. I’m telling you the context you need, we are reviewing important people to know, I’m reminding you where we are, and I’m giving you any other relevant or fun facts that would help you out for the week.

And next, I always create a study guide that will be useful each time you sit down to read. That’s the “LITTLE PICTURE” portion. For every single chapter that we study, I give you a quick reminder of what you need to remember before you read. I also give an easy-to-digest chapter summary, juuuuust in case you need some help figuring out what you are reading about!

And the most important part of all is the SPIRITUAL GUIDING QUESTIONS. This is the whole purpose of scripture study, right? Making sure the scriptures change who we are.

If you need help with that, I’ve created 7 thought-provoking questions each week, with plenty of room to journal, that will help you take these scriptures from “interesting stories” to life lessons that will affect you today. You can do one question a day, knock them all out whenever you study, or even just pick and choose the questions that resonate personally with you. (HINT: They also make fantastic class or family discussion questions!)

Each week, you will get ALL of this information.

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