FREE! "Home Centered Singing Time"

Binder Cover & Editable Song Sheet



With all the changes in the world and the Church currently- we wanted to help you with teaching in your homes! Our children have been missing their Primary Teachers and especially the chance to sing their favorite Primary songs. So, we wanted to share a SIMPLE way you can add more Primary Music into your lessons and home. 

We've designed a FREEBIE for you... A Cover for a "Home-Centered" Singing Time Binder. Plus we included an {Editable} song sheet. A quick message to your ward's Primary President or Chorister and you'll know which songs to work on with your family. 

Then you can fill your "Home-Centered" Singing Time Binder with the "Simplified" Song Charts from our Site & Store. We're working quickly to add new links and listings to create "Home-Versions" of our Singing Time lessons. These will included a simple lesson and Song Charts that condensed to only a few pages  per song. 

If you are loving our "Home-Centered" Singing Time Binder-

please share this link so others can stop by and download it as well. 


home-centered-singing-joseph-smiths-first-prayer     home-centered-singing-joseph-smiths-first-prayer


Singing Time Binder