Book of Mormon Adventure Activity Book for children

To help your children ages 8+ be excited to study the Book of Mormon this year, we have created this fun "My Book of Mormon Adventure" Activity Book!

Each month we will release the following:

A Who's Who page that includes the key characters your family will be studying that month. This page will be a great addition to your study as it summarizes what each person did in those scriptures and help your children get to know them a little better.

A weekly Activity Page! Each comic book style page includes 7 boxes. In the boxes, your children will be asked to look in the scriptures for an answer to a question and/or to draw a picture. These pages will help your children dive into the scriptures and be excited to find the answers! The questions will also help them learn for themselves and make personal connections. We've also included a section at the top of each activity page that says Find Jesus with some hints for some of the verses that spoke about Jesus. This section will help them understand where Jesus is in the Book of Mormon and help them come closer to Him.

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Journey through the Book of Mormon in 2024! Activity Book for children 8 and up

First, you will want to have one 3-Ring Binder for each child. A 2" binder size works great!

Next, make a cover page for each child. You can add their names using Adobe Reader or let your children write their own names. You can choose between color or black/white if your children would like to color their own cover!

Click Here to Download Binder Covers

SUBSCRIBERS: Click on the link above. Once you click on the link, the file will download straight to your computer or smart device. Please check in your "downloads" folder if you have trouble finding the files. If you're on a smart device, it is recommended to use the Safari browser if you have trouble accessing the download. All editing instructions are included in the download.

Monthly Activity Pages and Who's Who Page

Each month, come back here and download the pages for that month. There will be one activity page for each week plus a Who's Who page. Print them all at once so you don't have to think about it each week! Give them to your child(ren) and help place them in their binders. They can work on them while you're doing your own studying, or you can help them throughout the week! (We will keep 3 months up at a time. Please download them to your computer if you need to refer back to them. The next month will be posted on the 20th of the current month.)

Click on the images below to download:


Book of Mormon Activity Book Mosiah 25 - Alma 16 Book of Mormon Adventure Pages for Mosiah 4-24 Book of Mormon Activity Book Jacob - Mosiah 3

Our Book of Mormon Adventure Book is only included with The Family Subscription Plan. Not a member? Join today!

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