Each month, we will be designing a new poster for your Relief Society bulletin boards! They will be designed around the Ministering article in the Liahona for that month.

Each poster is available as an 8.5"x11", 5"x7", and 4"x6"  They are free to download!

For 2023, we are also including Ministering ideas! Some months will include a treat tag or other printable to help you as you minister!


Click on the month you need for the downloads: 

(Looking for November? The November Liahona issue does not contain a Ministering Principles article. We suggest you share a General Conference quote with your Sisters this month! You can find several free printable quote cards on our team member's site, BitsyCreations.com.)


Free December 2023 Relief Society Ministering Principles and Lesson Bookmark www.LovePrayTeach.com

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