Our Ministering posters include key points or quotes from the Liahona magazine's articles on "Ministering Principles." Click Here for the September 2023 article.

These posters include 3 sizes in JPG formats

8.5"x11", 5"x7", and 4"x6"

NEW FOR 2023: Each month we will be adding a ministering idea with treat tags or other printables to help you minister this year!



Some ideas on how to use these printables:

  • Text them to each of the Sisters in your Ward
  • Print and hand out to your Sisters
  • Add a copy to your Relief Society newsletter that is emailed
  • Pin a copy onto your Ward or Relief Society bulletin board
  • Post it on social media. If you have a Ward or Relief Society Facebook group, this would be a great way to remind your Sisters to do their Ministering and hopefully start a discussion on various ways they can Minister!

Free September 2023 Ministering Principles cards and posters www.LovePrayTeach.com

Download 8.5x11 JPG

Download 5x7 JPG

Download 4x6 JPG

Download 4x6 (2 on a page)


To Download: click on the links above. A file will download straight to your computer. If you have trouble finding it, please look in your "downloads" folder. If you're on a phone, it may open in a new window, or it may download onto a folder on your phone. We recommend using the Safari browser if using a mobile device.


Ministering Idea:

This month, we have provided an invitation to General Conference! You could attach them to a cute notebook to give to your Ministering Sisters, or Relief Society presidencies can print and hand them out at church as a reminder. (I did not put the times on this card since everyone is in a different timezone!) 

Free October 2023 General Conference Invitation www.LovePrayTeach.com

Download 4x6 JPG

Download 4x6 (2 on a page)