Welcome to Primary! For Younger Children

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For most of us, welcoming in our new Primary classes are going to look a little different this year. After reading through a lot of the Facebook threads on the Primary Presidency FB groups, I learned that some help is needed! It's difficult to know what to do since we're not meeting in person. But we want to make sure that all of the children are feeling loved and welcomed and excited for a new year of Primary! These ideas are perfect to put in envelopes and mail, or drop off on doorsteps. And if you're lucky enough to be meeting in person, you can do them in class!




Included in our Welcome to Primary! for Younger Children Printable Packet:

  • "I Can Choose the Right" Crown (with instructions)
  • "I Can Choose the Right" Tie (2 on a page with instructions)
  • Welcome to Primary and All About Me page! On one half, the teachers fill out (we've made this editable!) and the other half the children will fill out and give back to the teachers. This is a fun way to get to know the new kiddos in your class!
  • "Our Class Sticks Together" activity: Fill a balloon with candy and add the little tag that says "Our class sticks together!" Tie off the balloon and thread it through the "Pop the Balloon!" cards to look like the child is blowing up the balloon. The children are going to have so much fun popping the balloon and getting the treats inside!








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