Young Women Doctrinal Topic March 28: "Why Do I Need the Atonement of Jesus Christ?" Doctrine and Covenants 29

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This Young Women printable packet has ideas for parents to teach at home, ideas for Young Women to use to teach their families, and ideas for leaders to use to teach remotely

Young Women Doctrinal Topic March 28: Why Do I Need the Atonement of Jesus Christ printable packet

Young Women Doctrinal Topic March 28: Why Do I Need the Atonement of Jesus Christ  Young Women Doctrinal Topic March 28 Posters

Young Women Doctrinal Topic March 28 Atonement of Jesus Christ Time to Teach   Young Women Doctrinal Topic March 28 2021




This lesson includes:

  • TWO POSTERS to display on your online media, at home, or in a classroom to help the Young Women think about the topic. Also includes JPG links to download and send in a text or email. For those who teach with slideshows, included with these posters is a matching blank background.
  • 4"x3" PDFS and 6"x4" JPG HANDOUTS These are the perfect size for the girls to put in their smash books, hang on their bulletin boards, or tape inside their lockers at school. They are also the perfect size to text or post to your YW Facebook page to help remind the girls what the lesson was about. 
  • ACT IN FAITH CARDS These cards give the girls a place to write down their thoughts or goals for the coming week.
  • Begin your lesson with our ATTENTION GETTER activity to get your girls thinking about why we need the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
  • WORKSHEETS and DISCUSSION ideas to help you teach bullet points two and three in the lesson outline. The activities are simple, 10 minutes or less, to help keep your young women engaged. Includes instructions for teaching remotely or in the home. Remote instructions can also be interchangeable with in-classroom.
  • TIME TO TEACH - This section is to help Young Women teach part of the lesson. These pages include instructions and teaching tips. This activity is based around the 1st bullet point in the lesson and has your young woman focus on learning about the Fall of Adam and Eve and they need Jesus Christ. Included in these pages are instructions and material for teaching at home and online. As a Young Women Leader or parent please read through the instructions so that you can help your young woman if she needs any. Remote instructions can also be interchangeable with in-classroom.
  • TEACHING TIPS for how to use this packet if you are a teacher, a parent, or a youth.
  • We try to make each printable in an easy to print format and an easy way to share remotely through email, text, or zoom.
  • Resources to help you MAGNIFY YOUR CALLING from a distance!



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