Activities and Learning Ideas for Primary Children: Come, Follow Me Appendix B-Preparing Children for a Lifetime on God’s Covenant Path: Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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For 5th Sundays in Primary, you have the option of teaching from Appendix B: Preparing Children for a Lifetime on God's Covenant Path. ! You can find it in the online Come, Follow Me manual. This packet is for this lesson is: "The Temple and the Plan of Happiness". There are many ideas for all age groups. Pick and choose what will work best for your class!


Included in this packet:

      • 4th Article of Faith coloring activity. For older children, we've included 4th Article of Faith cards, along with a blank 4 for them to draw in the ordinances. For younger children, we've included a coloring page that includes images of the ordinances inside a 4.
      • "Covenants Help Me Return to Heavenly Father" board game. This is designed for younger children, but older children may enjoy it too!
      • Principles and Ordinances Spinners. There are 2 options - one for older children and one for younger children.
      • "Choose the Right" activity where the children will choose "good" and "bad" choices and learn about repentance.
      • JOY coloring page


    Each activity includes:

    • All printables include color and black/white for easy at-home printing!
    • Our packet contains PDF downloads and JPG downloads. The JPG images are perfect for sending to the children in your class if you're still holding home church. You can email an activity or print and drop off at their doorsteps!








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