General Conference Activity Packet

$ 5.00






General Conference Activity Packet




Our General Conference Activity Packet includes:

  • 10 BINGO Cards
  • 5 Adult Coloring Pages
  • 3 Children's Coloring Pages
  • Activity Pages: Crossword puzzles, mazes, finish the drawing, I Spy, and many more!
  • Apostle's Matching cards to play Memory, Go-Fish, and Old Maid
  • First Presidency and Apostles' Activity Pages


CONFERENCE BINGO! General Conference coloring pages! General Conference Activity Pages for children and teens
Apostle's Matching Game and Card Games for General Conference Apostle Activity pages for General Conference!



THIS IS INCLUDED WITH ALL OF OUR PAID SUBSCRIPTION PLANS during the month leading up to General Conference - no need to purchase if you have a subscription. You can find this packet on our Home & Family page. Save money and become a member! Click here for more info.