Activities and Learning Ideas for Primary Children: June 3–9: “They Were Steadfast and Immovable” | Mosiah 29–Alma 4 | A companion to "Book of Mormon 2024 Come, Follow Me Home and Church"

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Our primary packets include activities for Older and Younger Children, and follow the "Book of Mormon 2024 Come, Follow Me--For Home and Church" manual found on


All printables include color and black/white for easy at-home printing!
Our packet contains PDF downloads and JPG downloads. The JPG images are perfect for sending to the children in your class if a child is gone that week. You can email an activity or print and drop off at their doorsteps!


Activities Included For Younger Children:

  • True or False Game for children to learn that "The Lord can help them recognize false teachings."
  • Service BINGO
  • Testimony building blocks activity
  • Coloring Pages

Activities Included For Older Children:

  • True of False Group Activity
  • "Love and Serve Others" Worksheet 
  • Pure Testimony Worksheet
  • Ice Breaker Activity

Additional Coloring Activities:

  • Lesson Review Weekly Coloring Pages in 2 sizes: 4 on a page and full page (These are perfect for younger children!)
  • Monthly Coloring Page - this fun coloring page has an image to color along with the monthly Come, Follow Me reading schedule for the month (These are perfect for older children!)








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