Come, Follow Me for Primary May Week 4: May 18-24 Mosiah 25-28

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This Lesson Includes activities and printables for Sunbeams, Younger Children, and Older Children:

  • Instruction pages
  • "I Can Forgive Others" Board game for Younger and Older Children to discuss forgiveness.
  • Bridge Activity to help Older Children understand that we need to forgive.
  • "The Great Change of Alma" Scripture Find Worksheet for Older Children
  • "The Story of Alma the Younger and the Sons of Mosiah" Coloring Book
  • "Fasting" and "Prayer" Word Strips and Activity Idea for All Children.
  • "Who do I know?" Missionary opportunity dice activity idea for All Children
  • "I Can be a Missionary Now!" Name Tag and Coloring Page for Younger Children 
  • Additional ideas from the Friend magazine
  • Weekly Scripture coloring pages - Includes 2 sizes
  • Next Week's Reading Assignment & This Week's Review - Includes 2 sizes





**Don't feel like you need to do all of these activities with your children! Choose what will work best for you and your family situation**

Our packet contains PDF downloads and JPG downloads. The JPG images are perfect for sending to the children in your class during this time of home church. You can email an activity or print and drop off at their doorsteps!



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