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Home Centered Singing Time

We are now creating our Singing Time packets to be used at home so your Primary age children can continue to learn some of the songs they will need for the Primary program! We won't be able to offer all of them, but we will do our best to continue to add them as quickly as we can create them.

Our Home Centered Singing Time section will be available during this time of home church. After we get to go back to church, we will see if there's enough interest in continuing to offer them. These are included with a Singing Time Subscription Plan, Primary Subscription Plan, and Primary Board Subscription Plan. 


Start your "Home Centered" Singing Time Binder with our FREE Cover & Song Sheet
(You do not need a subscription to download our cover page and song sheet!)



Next- Fill your "Home Centered" Singing Time Book with our "Home Versions" of our Primary Song Printables.


**Free** {Praise to the Man} Found in our Restoration Download


home-centered-singing-time  home-centered-singing-time  home-centered-singing-time

home-centered-singing-time  home-centered-singing-time  home-centered-singing-time

 home-centered-singing-time  home-centered-singing-time  home-centered-singing-time

home-centered-singing-time  Home Singing Time- Help Me Dear Father  Home Singing Time- Testimony

home-centered-singing-time  Home Singing: Easter Hosanna  Home Singing: Truth Restored   

Home Singing: Dare to Do Right  Home Singing: Golden Plates  Home Singing: Nephis Courage 

home-centered-singing-time  Home Singing: Keep the Commandments   home-centered-singing-time  

Last- Add a few of our Favorite "Singing Time" Games to your Binder and you are ready for "Home-Centered" Singing Time!


home-centered-singing-time  home-centered-singing-time  April Singing Time Games




Please do not share our files with others. You have permission to print as many copies as you need for personal and/or church use.